Newborn Starter Set - Blue - BG4032

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Newborn Starter Set - Blue

Available in 3 colours (White, Pink and Blue.)


What’s in the box

170ml / 6oz Neostyle Feeding Bottle

170ml / 6oz Silbottle Inner chamber

Neostyle Silbomate

Extra Wide-Neck Slow flow Imi-teat PRO


Teat Sizes contained in this package are;

SUPER SLOW FLOW (0-4 Months), SLOW FLOW (0-4 Months) and  MEDIUM FLOW (4-9 Months)


Product Features:

170ml (6oz) Neostyle Feeding Bottle

  • 170ml (6oz) Silicone Silbottle
  • Easy to hold bottle
  • Breast like silicone teat
  • Includes “swirler” to disperse milk powder fragments
  • Includes super slow Imiteat Pro teat ideal for new born babies
  • Safety standards    Conforms to EN14350 and U.S. FDA

170ml (6oz) Silbottle Inner Chamber Plus

  • 170ml (6oz) Silbottle Inner Chamber
  • Ultra safe replaceable silicone inner chamber
  • Heat resistant up to 200°C
  • Simple to clean, dishwasher and steriliser friendly
  • Clear visual volume indicators
  • Reusable for up to six months
  • Safety standards: conforms to EN14350

NeoStyle Silbomate

  • Portable container for carrying pre-sterilized inner chambers, teats, lids and tongs
  • Ultra-Compact for active mums
  • Can be used as a 120ml (4oz) water or juice bottle
  • Breast like silicone teat
  • Extra Wide-neck medium flow Imi-teat PRO

Extra Wide-Neck Slow flow Imi-teat PRO

  • Suitable for babies 0-4 months
  • Made from high quality and medical grade liquid silicone
  • 3 studs design prevents the teat from collapsing
  • Extra soft neck extendable up to 8mm
  • Anti-rip corkscrew ribbing
  • Safety standards: conforms to EN14350 and U.S. FDA


Available Teat sizes

(SS)      Super Slow Flow 0-2 Months

(S)        Slow Flow 0-4 Months

(M)        Medium Flow 4-9 Months

(F)        Fast Flow 9+ months

(X)        X-Cut - Fast Flow 4+ months

(Y)        Y-Cut - Fast Flow 6+ months


Also available the Electric Steriliser (Available separately)

  • High temperature steam sterilisers in 6-8 minutes
  • Suitable for all Babisil feeding bottles and teats
  • One touch operation to activate the steriliser
  • Bottles remain sterilised for up to 6 hours



For the first time use, wash thoroughly with detergent and rinse with warm water and sterilise. Wash thoroughly and sterilise before each use. To avoid damage, use a non-abrasive brush when cleaning. Never use corrosive chemicals as a detergent.


For your child’s safety and health, please read instructions carefully before use. The swirler must be placed on top and at the centre of the silbottle inner chamber with blades facing downward. Never use the teat as a soother. Always check the temperature of the liquid before feeding. Continuous sucking on a liquid filled bottle may cause tooth decay. Feeding bottles must be used under adult supervision.


When assembling the bottle, always use the tongs to pick up the Silbottle inner chamber, Swirler and the teat to avoid re-contamination. Before using the Silbottle feeding system, carefully check the bottle for cracks and always replace damaged parts immediately. Before first time use, wash and sterilize thoroughly with boiling water according to the cleaning guide. Wash thoroughly before and after each use for health and safety reasons. Do not expose to washing up liquid for pro-longed periods. Keep dry and clean and avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Keep all components not in use out of reach of children.