NeoStyle (Extra Wide-neck) Silbottle 220 ml White - BS4432

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220ml (8oz.) Neostyle Extra Wide-neck Silbottle with 2G Inner Chamber and IMI-teat PRO - White

Available in 3 colours: (Blue, Pink and White.)

What’s in the box

  • Strong Seal Cap
  • Bottle Case Lid
  • Sealing Ring
  • Silicone Imi-teat PRO
  • Swirler
  • Outer Casing
  • Silbottle Inner Chamber
  • Bottle Base

Teat Size contained in package is;

SLOW FLOW (0-4 Months)


Available Teat sizes

Super Slow Flow 0-2 Months

Slow Flow 0-4 Months

Medium Flow 4-9 Months

Fast Flow 9+ months

X-Cut (Fast Flow) 6+ Months

Y-Cut (Fast Flow) 6+ Months

How it works;

The Babisil Feeding bottle contains a flexible anti-vacuum system within the bottle which contracts as the baby is being fed, preventing air from getting into the milk which can often cause colic and other digestive discomfort for your baby.


Before sucking

Equal air pressure inside and outside the bottle.


Silicone inner chamber collapses when air pressure decreases.

After Sucking

No more air gets into the chamber effectively reducing colic.


About the Feeding Bottle

  • Anti-vacuum system reduces colic and spit up
  • Large 220ml (8oz) Also available in Small 170ml (6oz),
  • Bisphenol-A, Oestrogen and Phthalate (BPA) free
  • Ultra Safe Baby bottle, compact style for easy handling
  • Valveless anti-colic system
  • Replaceable and re-usable inner chambers, available separately
  • Interchangeable Y-cut teats
  • Easy to clean and assemble, dishwasher and steriliser friendly

About the Silbottle Inner Chamber & Imi-teat Pro

  • Made from high quality medical grade silicone
  • Heat resistant up to 200° Celsius (392° Fahrenheit)
  • Imi-teat PRO is extendable up to 8mm which makes switching from breast to bottle easier

Also available the Electric Steriliser (Available separately)

  • High temperature steam sterilisers in 6-8 minutes
  • Suitable for all Babisil feeding bottles and teats
  • One touch operation to activate the steriliser
  • Bottles remain sterilised for up to 6 hours


Before using the Silbottle Feeding System, carefully check the bottle for cracks and always replace damaged parts immediately. Before first time use, wash and sterilise thoroughly with boiling water according to cleaning guide. Wash thoroughly before and after use. To avoid scratching please use a non-abrasive brush when cleaning. Never use corrosive chemicals as a detergent.  Always check the temperature of the milk before offering it to you baby. Keep dry and clean and avoid direct sunlight when not in use. Infants must not be bottle fed without adult supervision.

Safety Standard:
Conforms to EN14350, and US FDA safety standards.