Microwave Steam Steriliser - BS4301

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Microwave Steam Steriliser PP material in White Translucent Lid

Available in white.


Product Features:

  • Fast Sterilisation
  • Compact, Safe and Anti scald design
  • Dual Function time indicator and steam vent
  • Conforms to 2002/72/EC and microwave safety test


Speed and Convenience:

The Babisil Microwave Steam Steriliser uses the speed and convenience of your microwave oven to sterilize baby feeding bottles and other accessories in an efficient way. The steriliser ensures that your baby bottles are free of harmful germs and bacteria.


Easy to use:

Step 1.)  Assemble the lower loading rack (left and right wings) and place it in the steriliser base.

Step 2.)  Place Silbottles and Seal bases on the lower loading rack.

Step 3.)  Place the lid on top of the steriliser and press firmly close.

Step 4.)  Place accessories and small parts on the upper loading rack. Add 90ml of water.

Step 5.)  Align the hole steam vent.

Step 6.)  Place the steriliser in microwave oven. Set the proper time according to the wattage of the microwave. (Do not use grill function to microwave the steriliser)


What’s in the box:

1 x Upper Loading Rack

1 x Lower Loading Rack

1 x Lid

1 x Base



Wash thoroughly in hot, soapy water before use. If damaged or cracked, replace immediately. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents. Do not leave in direct sunlight for prolonged periods.