Formula Dispenser - BS4685

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Baby formula Dispenser - Regular size


Product Features:

• Easy Pour

• Flip Top Cover

• Ideal for travel

• Compact Design


Perfect Companion: (With a compact Design)

Space saving stacking system neatly stores milk powder or food in one easy carry container. Additional containers can be added by connecting to the base. Easily fits in the backpack for kids with 2 large silbottles.

Before you travel. Fill up your silbottle with water, fill up your milk powder containers with formula. When your baby is hungry, just take out the custom fit container and pour into the top of your silbottle and that’s it - Ready to go.


What’s in the box:

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Wash all components thoroughly before and after each use. Do not use corrosive chemicals to clean the products. Avoid exposure to sunlight.