Drinking Bottle with Straw (Green+Yellow) - BS4536

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Drinking Bottle with Straw (Green+Yellow)


One Piece Silicone secured straw drinking bottle


Available in 2 colours: (Green/Yellow and Orange/Green)


Product Features:

i.) Silicone straw perfectly fits infants mouth

ii.) Snap on hood keeps straw clean and protects from leakage

iii.) BPA-Free, high quality polypropylene plastic

iv.) Adjustable strap - for easy carrying

v.) Fun and lively colours


How it works;

The Babisil drinking bottle (with straw) contains a strong flexible silicone straw which unfolds automatically as the snap on straw hood is retracted. Even when the straw is exposed, the bottle is designed so that you limit any spill of the liquid when the bottle is upside down. This is due to the cleaver position of the secured straw slightly above the bottom.



Before using the Drinking Bottle (with Straw) check the bottle for cracks and always replace damaged parts immediately. Before first time use, wash and sterilise thoroughly with warm soapy water. Wash thoroughly before and after use. Always check the temperature of the liquid before giving it to your child. To avoid scratching please use a non-abrasive brush to clean the bottle. Never use corrosive chemicals as a detergent. Improper methods of cleaning, storage and use my damage the product. Infants must not use without adult supervision.


What is included:

1 x Green / Yellow - Drinking Bottle (with Straw)


This drinking bottle with straw is for infants 18 months and above.