Bottle Brush Set - Sponge - BS4576

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Sponge Bottle Brush Set

Available in purple.


Product Features:

i.)         Large Sponge designed specifically for Babisil bottles and silbottle inner chambers

ii.)        Small Sponge ideal for cleaning teats

iii.)        Easy Grip Handle

iv.)        Made from high-quality, non-toxic sponge

v.)        Perfect complement to your Babisil products



For first time use, wash thoroughly with detergent and rinse with warm water. Do not use corrosive chemicals as detergents. 



Always store in a clean dry place. Wash thoroughly with warm soapy water, rinse and allow to dry.

Do not place either of the sponges into boiling water. Do not expose to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.

The sponge is suitable for all types of feeding bottles and teats. For hygiene purposes do not use the product for other applications.

If the sponge is worn replace with a new product immediately to prevent damage to bottles and teats.


What is included:

1 x Large Sponge Bottle Brush / 1 x Small Sponge Bottle Brush